Natural Male Breast Reduction

Male extended chest – Gynecomastia (also known as male enlarged breast ) is the development of breast tissue in men that occurs during hormonal imbalance in estrogen and testosterone in the organism. Gynecomastia can make both breasts grow or just one of them. How to Cure Gynaecomastia The condition may also be revealed during normal changes in hormone levels, but there may be other reasons.

Male enlarged breasts are not a hassle indeed, but some cases can be quite difficult, especially when men have painful sensations. In addition, patients may feel embarrassed by this condition.

Symptoms of male enlarged breast

The main symptom of male enlarged breast is over-development of breast tissue in men. As mentioned earlier, glandular tissue is enlarged primarily and not a fatty tissue. You can detect solid feel and symmetrical growth with respect to the nipple. Generally, both sides are involved, but there are also cases of unilateral growth. Enlargement is sometimes not even one breast is larger than the other. The pain (if any) is not severe, but breasts may be sensitive.

What is important after male enlarged breast is diagnosed? It is especially necessary to state that this is not a male breast cancer. It happens in only 1% of all men who had it. Patients with cancer usually have enlargement on one side and it is not even with regard to the nipple. In such cases, the dimpled skin and nipple may be withdrawn or discharged. Forearm swelling of lymph nodes may occur.

Causes of male enlarged breast

Male enlarged breast may develop when the level of the hormone testosterone is low relative to estrogen. There may be various causes that trigger the disease. The person may have a condition that reduces testosterone, or rather something in the organism may raise the level of estrogen. These conditions can cause hormone imbalance.

Testosterone and estrogen are responsible for the development and preservation of gender characteristics in person. While testosterone regulates male traits, including body hair and muscle mass, estrogen is responsible for female traits, such as the growth of breasts.

People are usually confused considering that estrogen is female hormone produced in men. But it is produced in men even though the amount of estrogen is low. As the level rises, it is not balanced with testosterone levels anymore so gynecomastia develops.

There are medications that can cause male enlarged breasts . Some substances that enter the formula for cosmetic products (essential oils of tea tree, for example, or lavender) may be associated with gynecomastia