Studying: Concentration Difficulties

Concentration problems while studying? Problems with the concentration during the study is annoying! How do concentration problems arise? How do difficulties arise with concentration during the study? SIDE EFFECTS OF BRAIN PILL

Focus well during the study

Interesting learning material and learning objectives are very encouraging for the concentration of each student. An interesting and just chosen study. During the beginning of an evening studying, the student will have to orientate himself on the upcoming course material. By orientating yourself, the student automatically asks questions. The student goes in search of answers and see there: the student is focused on the study!

Condition good concentration:
Your chosen study should at least be interesting and fascinating for you, with topics that really appeal to you! Realize that every student has to deal with a boring part.

Cause concentration problems

How do concentration problems arise? How do problems with concentration arise during studying?
A chosen study and study direction to please others is often disastrous for a good concentration! Especially if the study does not fit in your own way! Do you have serious concentration problems and are you not satisfied with the chosen study? Pull the bell! Go to the tutor. Take action!


Distraction, and whatever form, is disastrous for the concentration of a student. The concentration of the student during studying is disturbed by disturbing and distracting factors from outside. Family members, college friends, housemates, friends and etc. walk in while studying. Mobile and telephone are also major disruptive factors that the student can get out of the concentration entirely!

Noise disturbance:
Noise pollution is disastrous for the concentration! Extremely annoying is noise nuisance while studying for the student. Especially if the student is studying for an exam. Noise pollution is disastrous for the concentration of every student! Look for a different, more quiet study location if noise nuisance can not be ruled out.

Thoughts always wander off
If the deceased ends up straying during the study, that causes a very bad concentration. While studying, concentrating on the study is not possible because the student’s thoughts stray. There are things that the student still has to do and things that absolutely must not be forgotten. Put a notepad in the neighborhood: every time the student gets a raid while studying, he can write them down and continue studying.

There are students who know how to function excellently in the midst of chaos. There are students who get totally out of their concentration because of the mess and chaos around them. Large clutter and chaos on and around the study place of a student can not be good for the concentration. The risk is too great that the student’s thoughts stray.

Students can have unusual study habits. One person has to do the dishes first, fold up the laundry and put a cup of tea, the other person first has to walk a block, take a shower, set up Mozart and eat an apple to be able to study. This kind of study rituals can provide excellent concentration during the study! Do you need a study ritual to study well? Perform your ritual!

If the student is TOO focused too busy studying, the student will get tired!
Therefore: read rest breaks while studying. After half an hour studying 5 minutes of rest, after the 2nd half hour studying 5 minutes of rest, after the 3rd half hour studying 15 minutes of rest and after the 4th half hour studying really take a break. Perform active physical activities to relax spiritually: you get in balance.
More than enough sleep every night does the concentration very well!

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