Lose weight: tips to lose weight

The most important thing is that your dietary goal is feasible. ‘Lose weight’ is not concrete enough, determine how much you want to lose and in how much time. Be aware of why you are going to eat differently. Then the chances are that you will survive in difficult times.

Take your time

A strict diet is difficult to maintain. The lost kilos often come back in a short time: the familiar yo-yo effect. If you have been hungry for a few weeks and have lost weight, your body will then store the food you eat as extra fat. You arrive faster in proportion. In addition, there is a risk that you will get a shortage of all kinds of nutrients during strict lines.

Keep track of what you eat

Only when you know what you eat you can choose to change it. Weight loss starts with awareness. Keep every day what you eat in a food diary , for example My Eat Meter (from the Nutrition Center). This way you get a better understanding of what you eat and drink. There are several apps that can help you with that. However, be careful not to count obsessive calories.

Move a lot

Exercise is an important part of losing weight. Research shows more and more that light intensive exercise is healthy all day long. So do not always pick up the phone, just drop by your colleague. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. The? Netherlands Institute for Sport and Exercise ?gives even more tips to get through the day actively. Do you want to start exercising? Build it up quietly.

Eat with attention

Do not eat too fast, you will miss the signal that you are full. Eating with attention makes you eat less. Eating for the TV is not a good idea. The distraction ensures that you do not know if you have enough. Taking small snacks and chewing well helps to eat more quietly and less. Extra advantage: small snacks increase the taste sensation, so you eat less.

Use a small plate

On a small plate, the same portion seems larger than on a large plate. Your brain thinks you’ve eaten more.

Watch out with food avoidance

You may fall away from the avoidance of sugar or wheat, but it can not always be sustained for long. In addition, the exclusion of certain foods is not always healthy. We need some nutrients every day and must therefore always be in the diet. Do you have a diet that adheres to the? good nutrition guidelines (pdf) , then you’re fine.

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