Trichotillomania – Recurring urge to pull hair out

Trichotillomania is a psychological disorder in the impulse control, which means that a patient has a recurring, irresistible urge to pull her out in different body areas, causing perceptible hair loss. Usually trichotillomania is a lifelong condition that requires treatment to reduce or stop the symptoms. This condition has many social and emotional consequences for the patient and his environment. The French skin doctor F. Hallopeau first described this condition in the medical literature in 1889, although the disease was already known in the Old Testament.

Hair Loss

Synonyms trichotillomania
Trichotillomania is also known as
hair pick-up
hair-pulling disease

Causes psychological disorder

The cause of trichotillomania unclear. But like many complex disorders, trichotillomania is probably the result of a combination of genetic factors and environmental factors. The condition is a kind of addiction. Sometimes the disorder is also a reflection of a psychological problem, a way of dealing with a stressful or difficult situation. In others, trichotillomania is a form of self-mutilation. Also a brain abnormalities may be the cause of trichotillomania, although this is not the case with every patient. Finally, some patients have a shortage of serotonin in the brain. When they get this substance through an antidepressant, it alleviates the symptoms in some people.

Epidemiology and risk factors

Trichotillomania affects infants, but the peak age at the onset of symptoms is between 10 and 13 years. The prevalence is estimated at 0.6 to 2%. Some factors increase the risk of developing trichotillomania. for more details click the website

Other disorders

Patients with trichotillomania sometimes have other conditions, such as depression , anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD: mental illness with obsession and compulsions), an eating disorder , a personality disorder, ADHD (difficulty with attention and energy monitoring) or a tic disorder. Also, drug abuse has been associated with the disease.

Family history

Genetics may play a role in the development of trichotillomania. The condition is more common in patients who have a family member with the disease.

Studying: Concentration Difficulties

Concentration problems while studying? Problems with the concentration during the study is annoying! How do concentration problems arise? How do difficulties arise with concentration during the study? SIDE EFFECTS OF BRAIN PILL

Focus well during the study

Interesting learning material and learning objectives are very encouraging for the concentration of each student. An interesting and just chosen study. During the beginning of an evening studying, the student will have to orientate himself on the upcoming course material. By orientating yourself, the student automatically asks questions. The student goes in search of answers and see there: the student is focused on the study!

Condition good concentration:
Your chosen study should at least be interesting and fascinating for you, with topics that really appeal to you! Realize that every student has to deal with a boring part.

Cause concentration problems

How do concentration problems arise? How do problems with concentration arise during studying?
A chosen study and study direction to please others is often disastrous for a good concentration! Especially if the study does not fit in your own way! Do you have serious concentration problems and are you not satisfied with the chosen study? Pull the bell! Go to the tutor. Take action!


Distraction, and whatever form, is disastrous for the concentration of a student. The concentration of the student during studying is disturbed by disturbing and distracting factors from outside. Family members, college friends, housemates, friends and etc. walk in while studying. Mobile and telephone are also major disruptive factors that the student can get out of the concentration entirely!

Noise disturbance:
Noise pollution is disastrous for the concentration! Extremely annoying is noise nuisance while studying for the student. Especially if the student is studying for an exam. Noise pollution is disastrous for the concentration of every student! Look for a different, more quiet study location if noise nuisance can not be ruled out.

Thoughts always wander off
If the deceased ends up straying during the study, that causes a very bad concentration. While studying, concentrating on the study is not possible because the student’s thoughts stray. There are things that the student still has to do and things that absolutely must not be forgotten. Put a notepad in the neighborhood: every time the student gets a raid while studying, he can write them down and continue studying.

There are students who know how to function excellently in the midst of chaos. There are students who get totally out of their concentration because of the mess and chaos around them. Large clutter and chaos on and around the study place of a student can not be good for the concentration. The risk is too great that the student’s thoughts stray.

Students can have unusual study habits. One person has to do the dishes first, fold up the laundry and put a cup of tea, the other person first has to walk a block, take a shower, set up Mozart and eat an apple to be able to study. This kind of study rituals can provide excellent concentration during the study! Do you need a study ritual to study well? Perform your ritual!

If the student is TOO focused too busy studying, the student will get tired!
Therefore: read rest breaks while studying. After half an hour studying 5 minutes of rest, after the 2nd half hour studying 5 minutes of rest, after the 3rd half hour studying 15 minutes of rest and after the 4th half hour studying really take a break. Perform active physical activities to relax spiritually: you get in balance.
More than enough sleep every night does the concentration very well!

Natural Male Breast Reduction

Male extended chest – Gynecomastia (also known as male enlarged breast ) is the development of breast tissue in men that occurs during hormonal imbalance in estrogen and testosterone in the organism. Gynecomastia can make both breasts grow or just one of them. How to Cure Gynaecomastia The condition may also be revealed during normal changes in hormone levels, but there may be other reasons.

Male enlarged breasts are not a hassle indeed, but some cases can be quite difficult, especially when men have painful sensations. In addition, patients may feel embarrassed by this condition.

Symptoms of male enlarged breast

The main symptom of male enlarged breast is over-development of breast tissue in men. As mentioned earlier, glandular tissue is enlarged primarily and not a fatty tissue. You can detect solid feel and symmetrical growth with respect to the nipple. Generally, both sides are involved, but there are also cases of unilateral growth. Enlargement is sometimes not even one breast is larger than the other. The pain (if any) is not severe, but breasts may be sensitive.

What is important after male enlarged breast is diagnosed? It is especially necessary to state that this is not a male breast cancer. It happens in only 1% of all men who had it. Patients with cancer usually have enlargement on one side and it is not even with regard to the nipple. In such cases, the dimpled skin and nipple may be withdrawn or discharged. Forearm swelling of lymph nodes may occur.

Causes of male enlarged breast

Male enlarged breast may develop when the level of the hormone testosterone is low relative to estrogen. There may be various causes that trigger the disease. The person may have a condition that reduces testosterone, or rather something in the organism may raise the level of estrogen. These conditions can cause hormone imbalance.

Testosterone and estrogen are responsible for the development and preservation of gender characteristics in person. While testosterone regulates male traits, including body hair and muscle mass, estrogen is responsible for female traits, such as the growth of breasts.

People are usually confused considering that estrogen is female hormone produced in men. But it is produced in men even though the amount of estrogen is low. As the level rises, it is not balanced with testosterone levels anymore so gynecomastia develops.

There are medications that can cause male enlarged breasts . Some substances that enter the formula for cosmetic products (essential oils of tea tree, for example, or lavender) may be associated with gynecomastia

Nutrition for Lean Muscle Mass

The most people find that their improvement on building muscle mass begins to stall after they have been training for about 6-12 months. The strength is still likely to increase, but no matter how hard they train, they do not significantly increase their muscle mass.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem – bulking, which means increasing its weight. When you dab, you take more calories than you burn, which is also called calorie surplus.


The build-up of muscle mass is a very energy-intensive process that requires more calories than just maintaining the normal body weight.

How many calories should you consume?

In the past, when old-school bodybuilders were to bulk, they consumed extreme amounts of food – up to 11,000 calories daily.

This, of course, resulted in a larger muscle mass, but also an increase in their fat percentage at least as great. This resulted in them losing large amounts of muscle mass when all the fat was subsequently lost.

You do not have to consume such large amounts of food at all to obtain the benefits of bulking. It is enough to consume 500-1000 calories more than its equilibrium intake, which can be calculated here .

A surplus of 500-100 calories will result in a weekly weight gain of one half to one kilogram. It is difficult to say how much of it will be muscle mass, as it depends on many factors such as genetics and training experience.

It is important that you eat healthy, even if you are drowning. Because even if one’s muscles do not really care about where the calories originate, then it is important that you still think about your overall health.

Therefore, you should not fall over in fast food and sweets, or replace the majority of today’s meals with weight gainer, just because you dump and thus have some kind of excuse.

Eat 600 grams of fruit and vegetables a day
Eat at least 350 grams of fish a week
Eat at least 75 grams of whole grains a day
Choose lean meat rather than high fat meat
Choose low-fat dairy products
Cut down on saturated fat
Minimize your salt intake
cut down on sugar
The distribution of proteins, carbohydrates and fats should look something like this:

20% protein
25% fat
55% carbohydrates

You can read more about how to build a good and solid diet here .

How long at a time should you bulk?

Studies have shown that the body becomes less able to send nourishment to the muscles instead of to the fat deposits, the longer you have been in the calorie surplus. You should therefore limit the periods of bulking to 5-6 months.

How to Eliminate Mans Breasts in 30 Days

Men can store fat on the chest muscles, resulting in the so-called male breasts. This can be due to weight gain or other factors. If you have too much fat on your chest, it is important to first go to the doctor to rule out an underlying illness. If the extra tissue has developed in you due to weight gain or a slight form of gynecomastia, you can get rid of your men’s breasts by shaping your chest muscles with strength training, cardio training and a healthy diet.

Bring your chest muscles in shape with strength training


Build up your chest muscles. Do strength exercises to make your chest muscles stronger. When you get more muscle, your metabolism accelerates and you burn more fat, so you also lose fat tissue from your breast. You can choose weight lifting with dumbells, or for exercises with your own body weight such as pushups to strengthen your muscles and burn fat.

Do a set of 8-12 repetitions to start. Build it up slowly to three sets if you become stronger.

It is impossible to lose local weight. So you can not lose weight in just one place. With muscle exercises you train your muscles, but you do not automatically lose the fat around the muscles. That is why it is important to combine strength training with cardio.

Do pushups. One of the most effective ways to get your chest muscles in shape is by doing pushups and variations on them. Pushups strengthen your chest muscles and the smaller muscles in that area. In addition, you build back and abdominal muscles with it, making your whole body look slimmer.

Lie down in the shelf position. Keep your arms straight and put your hands slightly wider than shoulder width on the floor. Bend your elbows and lower your body until your chest almost touches the ground. Remember that you keep your abs and leg muscles tightened.

Try pushups from half a shelf, or from your knees, if ordinary pushups still do not work. Try to bring your crotch, chest and chin to the ground at the same time.
Consider making variations of pushups after 3-4 weeks, such as pushups with a hand on your back, pushups with a punch or pushups with your feet against the wall.

Go bench press. By pressing a certain weight from your chest, you can also make your chest muscles stronger. By doing different types of exercises you can lose excess breast tissue.

Lie on your back on a bench with a bar with weights or dumbells in your hands. Keep the weights at the bottom of your ribs, bend your elbows and push the weights away from you until your arms are straight. Hold them at the top for a moment and then let your arms return to the original position. Start with 2.5 kg and build it up slowly, as you become stronger and can safely complete an entire set.

Dealing with Depression without Medication

In our current society, depression is indispensable. Almost everyone uses antidepressants or knows someone who uses these drugs. Although antidepressants work well for treating the symptoms of depression , they do not resolve the causes.

Nutrition, exercise, positivity, and light can all play a role in your mood and your emotional health. Although this is often sufficient to eliminate depression from your life, sometimes more is needed.

Depression and bad sense are of course very different. If you are like most people, then you have some days in between that are just great. Sometimes you feel like you have supernatural powers, and sometimes you feel like your day is messed up and nothing can be done about it. After all, life is not perfect and we all have our good and our bad days – and there is nothing wrong with that.


Depression, however, may require medical attention – and if you really think you suffer depression, then you should not waste time trying to heal yourself, you simply have to make an appointment with your doctor right away. That is the most important thing. Of course, you can then take steps to get your illness under control in a natural way, but it is important to first talk to someone who understands and knows your personal situation.

It is normal to feel sad or depressed at times, and these emotions manifest themselves in different ways. Or maybe just a loss behind it – then it is of course also quite normal to feel sad and grieve.

But sometimes sadness and depression can persist. This can result in you feeling constantly lethargic, bursting into tears at any moment, or simply having no motivation to start your day. Such a thing can also manifest itself as a feeling of irritability or even of numbness. All these things can indicate that you are not feeling well in your skin and may need help to put an end to this, so that you can just be happy again.

The regular treatment of depression

The traditional treatment of depression consists of balancing certain neurotransmitters with the help of medicines. Medicines have their place, of course, but many of the drugs that are focused on depression are quite deficient. They often do not work better than a placebo, and they have many unwanted side effects . Like statins, these drugs do not focus on the real cause of the disease – but only on the symptoms. They can be effective in the short term, but to solve your problem you have to tackle the underlying causes.

Many different studies have been conducted with regard to depression. Although many deal with the effects of certain drugs, there are also studies that focus on the effectiveness of lifestyle changes and their effect on conditions such as depression. In most studies, the important recommendations can be distinguished into the following categories: being happy, spending time outside, physical exercise and nutrition.

The big advantage of using natural treatments for depression, of course, you can make your own choices. This is one of the most important factors you need to look out for when looking for natural treatment methods. After all, when you take antidepressants you often feel like you have no control over your own life, as if you gave the strings to someone else. You then feel that the medication determines how you feel and that you do not feel better because of your own efforts. This again reinforces the underlying causes of your depression and so you remain stuck in a vicious circle. You will always need these medicines as long as you remain dependent on them. The good news is that this is not necessary and that you can get your life under control again on your own.